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Jacob Garlick

Jacob Garlick serves as the Managing Partner at Abraham Trust where he focuses on structuring investments and working with portfolio companies to build growth strategies.

Jacob is the founding partner of Abraham Trust, specializing in Private Equity Buy Outs, Venture Capital Growth Finance, as well as Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory. Abraham Trust has advised, reviewed and syndicated $30 Billion+ (USD) worth of Mergers and Acquisitions since its founding in 2014.

Prior to AT, Jacob was a partner at MHelpDesk where he helped build the largest CRM company in the Field Service Space as CRO, serving more than 100,000 small businesses all over the world.MHelpDesk was later acquired by IAC’s (NASDAQ: IAC) Home Advisor, the number one lead generation platform in the space.

Jacob’s career began in M&A due diligence representing a multi-family office based in South Florida, that held a $5 Billion portfolio in Real Estate, Private Equities, and Venture Equities.

Jacob Garlick